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Don’t Quarrel About Species

Zoophilic Follies, by composer Daniel Corral, Libretto by Sibyl O’Malley – Premiered at Redcat’s NOWFest in fall 2011, this outrageous hour-long chamber opera in seven songs by composer/accordionist Daniel Corral and librettist Sibyl O’Malley is full of delighting surprises, lyrically and musically. This new recording includes the original cast members Timur Bekbosunov (Daedalus), Maesa Rae (Ariadne), Abby Travis (Pasiphaë), and Dorian Wood (King Minos/The Minotaur). The nine-piece Dime Museum band that provides the musical accompaniment includes accordion, electric guitar, strings, winds, brass, drums, and electronics—an ideal, conniving support for the serious humor that ensues. The opera’s stylistic range is … [Read more...]

Three to Get Ready

New Original Works Festival, REDCAT, 22, 23, 24 September 2011 – An enthusiastic sold-out crowd saw a triple bill last week of two new dance works and an elaborate puppet/human operetta in the annual NOWFest at REDCAT, a three-week series that showcases new works by Los Angeles-based dance, theater, music, and multimedia performance artists. Michel Kouakou began the evening with his pseudo-solo Sack, in which he was the primary moving object. A large sack suspended from the ceiling functioned as the only prop — unless one also counts the several stationary dancers who also occupied the stage, all of whom had their shirts pulled over their faces for the duration of the 20-minute performance. Kouakou's movement cerainly contrasted … [Read more...]