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Points of Departure

New Photography 2010: Roe Ethridge, Elad Lassry, Alex Prager, Amanda Ross-Ho, MoMA September 29, 2010–January 10, 2011 – A recent show at MoMA titled New Photography 2010 exemplified a growing trend in art where new artworks look old. In New Photography, four photographers work with dated imagery, a dated aesthetic, and in a referential manner, restaging Alfred Hitchcock film stills, Cindy Sherman photographs, or recycling an image of Goldie Hawn happily smiling from 1970s. Newness is the one thing the artwork conspicuously lacked. Instead of judging the artwork itself and whether we like it or not, it is infinitely more productive to consider why it is that young artists are using various techniques to draw their viewers … [Read more...]