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A Gentleman’s War

An Interview with Faroese Musician Goodiepal, Part 2 – Aram Yardumian: What was the real story surrounding the Key2Sound incident? Goodiepal: The real story was that Key2Sound was a company called Koblo back in the day. They designed Vipra 9000, which was a very successful piece of music software. That one was programmed by my childhood friend Emil, whose brother Max developed the Key2Sound synthesizer. They called me up for assistance in hardware design so I worked on that for a number of years. When Koblo closed down and laid off the employees, no one could get customer support. They were still selling the software by mail but people couldn’t get the authorization code! So I hacked their support email and started a free hotline … [Read more...]


An Interview with Faroese Musician Goodiepal, Part 1 – Long lectures at American universities on non-human intelligence and mirror points in music; Danish television demonstrations of a model solar system with tonal-valued planets designed to expose the poetic/scientific disjunction of 2D/3D space; classes on Eurobot mythology, complete with whistled discourse; a wind-up mechanical bird in a bell jar; an arrest warrant for the theft of a Eventide H8000 from the Århus Conservatory, from which he had been recently dismissed as a lecturer; some sixty record and CD releases with themes ranging from Skanderborg plate cutters to “how to reinstate the notion of utopia back into electronic music”; and a handlebar mustache. Personally, I … [Read more...]