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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Janet Sternburg

Thank You, Janet Sternburg, 2009, San Miguel de Allende   I wish I could remember how I first heard about Times Quotidian. I do remember saying to myself, “Wow, this sounds like something unique and visionary – I wonder if they’d be interested in my writing for it.” They of course was Nancy Cantwell, editor extraordinaire, and she opened the door to what became a stream of my essays bringing together words, images, and music, on photography, films, books, artists, history, time and memory.  But none of that last sentence nails what’s special about TQ, because it divides my essays into categories. The whole point for me is that I’ve been able to leap over categories. Key to my experience with TQ has been the welcoming … [Read more...]

Thank You For Looking

Peter Nadas, Victor Erice, Photography, Words, Trees, and the Passages of Time — At the corner of Calles Hernandez Macias and Quadrante in San Miguel de Allende is a craft shop where, on either side of its door, these words scroll across the windows: one side, Thank you for looking; on the other, Gracias Por Mirar. Each time during the fourteen years I have been going to Mexico, I’ve gone back to photograph these words. What is this going back, I have been wondering, this returning to the same site in order to make different images? I have been thinking about Hungarian writer and photographer Peter Nadas (most recently author of the novel Parallel Stories) who each day for a year photographed one wild pear tree in his … [Read more...]