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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Books, Jim Houghton & Melanie Wudl

There have been many a writer from TQ who have been involved in the exploration of reading and the testaments thereof, but I wanted to focus on two of the more prolific pen persons, Jim Houghton and Melanie Wudl. While Jim has set his mind to historical essays ranging from Rock&Roll memoirs to investigations surrounding financial conspiracies, Melanie's focus has been more personal, individualizing investigations. But there are more to all the Books included in these Ten Years of TQ. So please take your time to explore all the authors featured such as Errol Morris, Stephen Batchelor and Claire Messud. On the Road with Reason The Swerve, by Stephen Goldblatt (Norton, 2011), Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity, … [Read more...]

Frottage – August

Excerpts from Frottage, by Mona Houghton, What Books Press, 2012 8/28 Dear Paul— Here’s another game. On the surface it is much simpler than Singing Pillow.  It doesn’t even have a name. We play this game in the boys’ bedroom.  It is the room to the right of the stairs as you come up them.  Half of this room is tucked away under an eve creating a secret corner quality which makes it a favorite place for us for we can easily make forts and clubs and private places. (That, as they say, is a whole different story.)  Our father exposed the beams in here early on and so the dark ceiling adds to the cave like quality.  The small dormer windows open out onto a huge ash tree whose bright green leaves reflect an odd light that often … [Read more...]

Frottage – June, July

Excerpts from Frottage, by Mona Houghton, What Books Press, 2012 June 26 Dear Paul, Daphne had about twenty years on me, and yes she would have been the perfect mother, and yes my fantasies ran in that direction.  Those feelings, though, didn’t surface until the middle of the time I spent with her.  In the beginning I guess I fell into a confused kind of love with her.  I kept misunderstanding everything.  Like one night we had smoked some pot and we were sitting around in the living room, looking over the desert—a lightning storm out on the horizon, spectacular—and I put my head in her lap, which was fine, I mean, Daphne, a physical kind of person, lived inside her body.  And so I put my head in her lap, and I loved her by then, in … [Read more...]

Frottage – May

Excerpts from Frottage, by Mona Houghton, What Books Press, 2012 Thursday—late, late at night. Dear Paul, Yes, George and I do share (to use your word) many intimate details about our lives. After all, we’ve occupied the same womb, slid through the same birth canal, suckled the same breasts, et cetera. Who better to be close to? Claire. May 4 Dear Paul, I didn’t like the month of April. I had a good friend in high school named April. She got married to her high school sweetheart, had two children, and then shot herself in the head. I didn't like the month because we talked about my brother and his divorce and his children and you advised me—gave instruction. We talked about my mother. I told you stories—events, … [Read more...]

Close to Home and On the Open Road

Frottage and Even As We Speak, by Mona Houghton, 2012 – Related Posts: Frottage_May, Frottage_June/July, Frottage_August Frottage, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the practice of touching or rubbing against the clothed body of another person as a means of sexual gratification. It is also the artistic technique or process of transferring an image from one source to another by rubbing. Transference, according to the same source, is the transfer from patient to analyst of repressed or forgotten emotions previously (in childhood) directed at some other person or thing. Loosely, transference is the emotional aspect of a patient’s relationship to an analyst. Frottage is all of this and more. Claire, in Mona … [Read more...]