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The Practice of Delight

A Ramble with Michael Rotondi –  Stylish and relaxed in his Japanese farmer pants, Michael Rotondi greets me from a slightly raised platform which serves as the reception desk, where he is working with the only two staffers present on a Saturday. I am directed to the library, an open space with generous windows spilling in light from the clear autumn afternoon, illuminating the cerulean blue painted plywood floor. The vast and impressively eclectic collection of art and architecture books surrounds a spacious conference table swept clear of all but a few random notepages. There is a huge open workfloor with dozens of project stations active, a creative hive of hands-on activity: models in various stages of completion; plans, … [Read more...]

Compassion in Form and Living Color

The Mandala Project, Hammer Museum, Oct. 26 - Nov. 7, 2010 – The invasion, occupation and exploitation of Tibet by the Chinese that began in 1951 has left a unique cultural and spiritual tradition in tatters. Massive engines of information and misinformation variously describe Tibet before the Chinese as a sort of spiritual paradise or conversely, a hell on earth whose cause was taken up by the evil CIA. The ordinary citizen is often left distressed, guessing, interpolating and trusting blindly. I recently asked a Tibetan gentleman about his 1959 escape from the Chinese government troops who had come to his small hamlet. Surely there was a friendly taxi driver, a delivery truck or creaky bus to assist them. His golden, ravaged face … [Read more...]