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Point A to Point A – Introduction

The Music of Giancarlo Toniutti – A four part serial conversation with TQ's Aram Yardumian and Italian electronic musician Giancarlo Toniutti. This in-depth discussion is focused on Toniutti's composition techniques, theoretical underpinnings and the role of language in the arts. Serial Four-Part Interview Part One: Prolegomenon Part Two: Universal Structures Part Three: Authorship Part Four: il sé interiore Introduction Essay by Aram Yardumian Giancarlo Toniutti began conducting sonic experiments in late 1977 with his friend Tiziano Dominighini in a glassworks owned by Dominighini’s father. With the various tools, machines, surfaces, and sheets of glass, as well as a few traditional instruments, they began making “not exactly … [Read more...]

Musica Futurista, The Art of Noises

Italian Electronic Music Pioneers: an overview – The Second World War stands, for many, as the watershed cultural event of the 20th century. Prior to the War, electronic sound reproduction methods were limited primarily to phonographs, photoelectric cells, and rudimentary paper tape recorders. While the early proponents of electronic music on both sides of the Atlantic (Brown, Cage, Feldman, Tudor, et al in America; Henry, Schaeffer, Stockhausen, et al on the Continent), were at this time already laying the groundwork for their experiments and masterpieces, it was the horrors of the War and the dissatisfaction with pre-War culture which ushered in the age of Postmodern music, and advances in both magnetic tape machines and … [Read more...]