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Art in the Age of Trump

Made in LA 2018, Biennial Exhibition, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles — Related Posts: The Anxiety of Originality, Bad Boys and Good Girls, When Art Had a Heart, Triumph of the Shill, Now it is Dark 2018, the second year into Donald Trump’s presidency, also is the year for the current installment of the Hammer Museum’s sprawling “Made in L.A.” Biennial. As the Trump administration systematically obliterates the groundbreaking accomplishments of several of his predecessors, the exhibition features artists of all mediums who enlist their observations and explorations in the cause for maintaining—or restoring—progressive and critical thinking. Virtually every area of human and non-human activity that has been harmed by … [Read more...]

Urbanature – Linda Stark and Nancy Evans

New Representations of the Natural A six part serial essay and online exhibition focused on the contemporary depiction of landscape in the painting, photographic and sculptural arts. Introduction and Additional Exhibition Artists: Urbanature, An Introduction, Merion Estes, Roland Reiss and Elizabeth Bryant,Don Suggs and Karen Carson, Ross Rudel and Pierre Picot, Coleen Sterritt and Constance Mallinson – LINDA STARK Large urban parks are where most city dwellers go to “experience nature”, but Linda Stark’s series of Black Widow paintings inspired by the presence of black widows around her urban studio, reveal a more intimate, near erotic, encounter with the natural world. The spider’s trademark red hourglass shape has been … [Read more...]