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The Loupe

Highway 46, Thanksgiving, 2009 On the way from Cambria to Paso Robles in search of Opolo Vineyards   … [Read more...]

Inside the Artist’s Studio: Brian Forrest

Inside the Artist’s Studio is an-ongoing series exploring issues  on contemporary art through direct encounters with the artists themselves. A Radical Arcadia – “There have always been two kinds of arcadia: shaggy and smooth; dark and light; a place of bucolic leisure and a place of primitive panic”, Simon Schama tells us in Landscape and Memory, one arcadia being “a dark grove of desire, but also a labyrinth of madness and death”. He further describes certain arcadias as purposefully and importantly untamed: “turf, gorse, heather, and timber, trees, shrubs and brushwood” of the heaths outside of 19th century London were a cherished gift to the city dwellers—landscapes of urban imagination that answered certain needs … [Read more...]

Urbanature, An Introduction

New Representations of the Natural A six part serial essay and online exhibition focused on the contemporary depiction of landscape in the painting, photographic and sculptural arts. Exhibition Artists Include: Merion Estes, Roland Reiss, and Elizabeth Bryant, Don Suggs and Karen Carson, Linda Stark and Nancy Evans, Ross Rudel and Pierre Picot, Coleen Sterritt and Constance Mallinson Landscape painting and photography have always been, as Malcolm Andrews termed it,  “the barometer of anxieties over the balance of power between nature and culture.” A landscape is a mediated view of nature, one that has been aesthetically processed, a product of human control over wildness and natural chaos. This pictorial approach always maintains … [Read more...]