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Mike Kelley, In Memoriam

I’ll always think of Mike as a beautifully raging genius who was a protean artist, great dancer, and highly skilled in dismantling all manner of bullshit. With fondness always. —Rita Valencia PRESS RELEASE Subject: Mike Kelley, artist, passes away Date:    Weds. February 1, 2012 From:   Kelley Studio and Friends Contact: Studio: 323 257 7853 John C. Welchman:  323 258 8957 ********************************* Our dear friend the artist Mike Kelley (born 1954 in Detroit) has passed away. Unstintingly passionate, habitually outspoken and immeasurably creative in every genre or material with which he took up—and that was most of them, from performance and sculpture to painting, installation and video, from experimental … [Read more...]