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Remains of the Day

Astroboy Unbound  Photography by Naomi Pitcairn – The photographs of Naomi Pitcairn's Empty Nest series remind us that deconstruction is immanent. That inherent in all possibility is also the inevitable demise. These packages, once disembodied, cease to hold it together. Take Astroboy. He is first seen forward facing, standing at attention, full of potential. But when next spotted he has become Icarus, back now turned away, heading towards his destiny. How quickly promise can turn into ambitious defeat. Fated, singed by aspiration he floats away untethered on his space walk into the sunset. Initially designed to preserve and protect, a few of these leftovers possess a built in means to inflict injury. Child endangerment is a … [Read more...]

Out of the Box

Empty Nests – Photography and Artist's Statement by Naomi Pitcairn  In this photographic series entitled "empty nests" I focus on a set of ordinary objects - the packaging of children's dolls and action figures. Removed from their larger context these items of material culture become extra-ordinary, providing a micro-context of their own - one that is emotionally manipulative, sensorial-ly seductive and ultimately, persuasive. Though often manufactured abroad, these "fictionalized" mini-environments for plastic homunculi bear surprising truths about our culture of consumption and the western world view. Sans "toy" the packaging can be viewed for its semiotic quality where it works on many layers to reify culturally constructed gender … [Read more...]