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While Changing, He is Resting

Visages.1 & .2 is a single book that can be flipped in one direction, turned and flipped in another. Each direction displays a different face. It measures 3.875" x 3.125" and includes 52 hand drawings. Below is an English translation of the text, followed by a slideshow and followed again by the original text in French. – Visages.1, Visage.2 Sculptures by Jean-Luc Degonde Writings on Art, Editions Manucius This artwork was printed in 100 specimens - including 40 in 4-color prints (quadrichromy), numbered and signed by the artist, which stand for the original edition. The epigraph is by Heraclitus While changing, he is resting ENVOI by Jean-Jacques Gonzales The visual arts have this thing in common that … [Read more...]

Object at Hand

Visages 1 and 2, by Jean-Luc Degonde – When you grab hold Visages.1-Visages.2, by Jean-Luc Degonde, you realize that you have quite a phenomenal object at hand. Then when you take the book for a spin flipping through to rotate its two heads one is caught up in a delightful experience of perceptual perplexity. On the simplest level, the eye brain coordination plays tricks on you. The faces, disoriented in space and disassociated from surface tension, rotate in a seemingly random manner. Is it left to right or forwards then backwards? But the real discernment takes place when one recognizes how each physiognomic profile contributes to the whole. Every stop frame is a portrait in the most classic … [Read more...]