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Last Year at Marienbad – Chanel, Take Two

Little Black Dresses – The Little Black Dress is a Coco Chanel invention. First produced in 1926 Vogue claimed it to be the " Ford" of fashion, “The frock that all the world will wear.” The long-sleeved black dress, which was initially made for day in wool, and for evening in crepe, satin or velvet, shook up the world of fashion. It became instantly synonymous as an essential chic component of any stylish woman’s wardrobe. One of the early adapters of the LBD was Betty Boop who, in the classic 1932 Minnie the Moocher, sexed it up with sashay and a little black garter. And that is the beauty of the LBD, it's simplicity and elegance make it the perfect backdrop for accessory, whether it be copious strands of pearls, daring diamond … [Read more...]

Last Year at Marienbad – Chanel, Take One

Chanel Redressed Last Year at Marienbad, Alain Resnais France 1961 94 minutes Black and White 2.35:1 – Much has been said about Last Year at Marienbad and so little of it has to do with the sensational costume designs of Coco Chanel. Has no one noticed just how well paired Chanel and Resnais, were or more to the point, what a dramatic backdrop Marienbad provides for Chanel couture? Chanel was no stranger to the film industry, but it had 22 years since her last employ at costume design and Marienbad. In 1931, as the behest of Samuel Goldwyn, Chanel came to Hollywood twice a year to design for the actresses Goldwyn had on contract with his studio, he would pay her one million dollars per year. She … [Read more...]