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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Lorraine Anne Davis

Robert Stivers, Head with Open Mouth, 1995 Lorraine and I met in a small town outside of Florence, Italy while attending a yoga seminar with Dona Holleman. Since, we've hiked the Alps, Spa'd in Gstaad, swam the Limmat in Zurich, rang church tower bells in Boston, walked Canyon Road Farolito Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, attended Manon at the Royal Opera House in London, killed it NYC with Renee Fleming and Andre Previn at Carnegie Hall, touched down in Texas and burned the museum floors – hundreds of times in countless in cities. Lorraine is more than an expert in the field of photography she is a master whose comprehensive lecture series on the history of portraiture in photography, "The Famous, The Infamous and the … [Read more...]

Solar Glyphs

Chris McCaw's Sunburn Series – Every ancient culture has a sun legend: Neolithic petroglyphs depict solar barges carrying the sun across the sky while the Egyptian, Greek, Vedic, Nordic, Chinese, Japanese, North and South American Indian cultures had  sun deities and sun myths, representing the sun as a source of both life and death. Modern man knows that our sun, a yellow dwarf star, is about five billion years old. It is 92.5 million miles away and travelling at 186 thousand miles per second , its light takes approximately 8.2 minutes to reach earth. The sun’s photosphere -from the Greek word for light=photo and sphaira=ball, is a constant fusion of hydrogen and helium, which produces our sunlight. Please click on the image to … [Read more...]