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An Interview with Bruce Licher – Part 2

Introduction and Three Part Conversation with TQ’s Aram Yardumian and Graphic Artist-Musician Bruce Licher —   Prolegomenon, Part One, Part Three, A Graphics Composition   Aram Yardumian: After Neef, Project 197 and Bridge really took a very different direction, musically. What do you remember about this ‘transition’? Neef, "The Mean Free Path", Neef cassette, 1979   Bruce Licher: Neef was very collaborative and improvisational. Project 197 was my attempt at doing my own, well, project. I asked a couple of guys to come in, but most of the music on that was mine. Mark and Kevin added the drums and percussion. Brent Wilcox handled all the recording. Bridge just came out … [Read more...]