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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Constance Mallinson

Constance Mallinson, Woodland Seen, Oil on Paper, 2009 Constance Mallinson has been a contributor to the Times Quotidian since 2010. Her writings on all aspects of art, from museum and gallery exhibitions to insights into the artist’s studio and creative processes, create an important and diverse conversation. Lest we forget her own distinguished 40 year career as a painter, please reference Nature Morte, a narrative by Rita Valencia on Ms. Mallison’s solo exhibition at Pomona College Museum of Art. “These are paintings that are intricate, complex and luxurious, which invite long and languorous gazing. They also contain within them stories of an uneasily shifting reality, an ever-dying natural world, and primal acts of violence … [Read more...]

Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Robert Kato

From Robert Kato's seeing iPhone — Related Posts: Portraits: Paper and Clay, Passages, Streetscapes, Night@Mare, Man Forgets the Earth Remembers Portrait of a Leaf, 09.27.2011 Standing Still,03.03.2012 rikka style before nine, 05.23.2012   … [Read more...]