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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Tom Wudl

Pure Adornments of the Essential Nature of the Cosmos of Reality 2016 For close to 43 years I have been witness to Tom Wudl's many explorations into the field of painting. And for the last ten years I have watched his explorations into the Avatamasaka Sutra elaborate, intensify, and proliferate into a magnificent body of work. But not only has this investigation produced paintings of intense concentration and beauty it has also led to a life of generosity and heartfelt action. It has been a privilege and a great deal of fun to to be a part of the process - and to be able to say that, without hesitation - the work speaks volumes. ________________________  There was a time when the world was small and man knew his place in … [Read more...]

Triumph of the Shill

A Decade of Negative Thinking by Mira Schor,  A Book Review The idea is essentially repulsive, of a society held together only by the relations and  feelings arising out of pecuniary interest.  –John Stuart Mill In 2006  a number of notable art critics were solicited to articulate the state and purposes of contemporary art criticism in a little compendium entitled Critical Mess. If any consensus was reached in these diverse essays, it was that the practice itself is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Among the reasons put forth were the entertainment-envy of spectacle driven artworks in which exegis is superfluous, the loss of a single Modernist mainstream trajectory that demanded debate, nuanced reflection, and art … [Read more...]

Thoughts Regarding Alice Neel

Alice Neel: Paintings, LA Louver Gallery, Venice, California, May 20-June 26, 2010 Alice Neel’s biography confirms what all true artists know. There will be pain at either end of the equation that attempts to reconcile creativity with survival. For all true artists it is create or die. The difficult negotiation between the need to create and the longing for the promise of domestic stability and companionship has been a source of pain for both artists and their families always. Even the stoics who tough it out by themselves don’t escape loneliness. And for Neel there too existed a marginalization by the declared professionals of the day; the same sycophants who now cannot find praise enough, ignored her work within the confines of her own … [Read more...]