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The Loupe_Glass of Water, 1983

Brian Forrest, Glass of Water, 1983   … [Read more...]

Look Again

Photography and the Dream of Form, Part 1: Batchelor – Contrary to popular belief, machines, technology, do not exist to enslave us, or to limit or retard our spiritual growth. Rather, technology exists to liberate us from Cartesian habits of mind so that we can embody hitherto undernourished aspects of our potential for awareness. To see what I mean, examine the photograph to the right on your screen. The meat in the image is red but probably it's flowers instead of meat and just a little out of focus such that it appears meat-like. What's in focus must be water, but since water is transparent you can't actually see it. The shadow of three fingers and a thumb that interrupt the cool stripe of reflected light is in focus so, yes, … [Read more...]

Intimate India _ 2

Point of View, Photography by Paul Cabanis … [Read more...]

Intimate India

Quotidian photography by Paul Cabanis. India 2008. Cabanis, who travels often in India, gives us evocative, familiar insights. No longer tethered to nor compelled to seek the remarkable, these photographs instead, offer up an intimate conversation. Here asylum is at hand, automobiles possess a bovine nature and technology is on pause. What is "Cyclostyling'? … [Read more...]

Santa Barbara Quay

Walk Lights, Santa Barbara Harbor, California © Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

Through the Forrest, Blue

Road to Mount St. Helens, Skamania County, Washington © Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

Through the Forrest, Green

Road to Mount St. Helens, Skamania County, Washington © Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

OutTake – Shinzen Young

© Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

OutTake – Edith Morgan

© Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

OutTake – Stephen Reichard

© Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

OutTake- Blonde Youth

© Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

OutTake – Molly Rhodes

© Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

OutTake – Ken Cohen

© Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]