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Isabella, Puerto Rico (Overexposed Sereis), 2013

Overexposed, Isabella, Puerto Rico, 2013. Fujifilm Instax Mini   … [Read more...]


The 4th of July is always a big fat party at our house. The streets are closed off, old fashioned pie baking contests take place and there is always a big bright shiny firetruck for all to climb aboard. Then the grilling begins, all pull their Webers out basking in the glow of the coals, anticipating the show. And the big bang never disappoints. BOOM! All Photography by Paul Cabanis   … [Read more...]

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (Overexposed Series), 2013

Overexposed, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, 2013. Fujifilm Instax Mini … [Read more...]

Stars (Astronomy Series), 1990

Brian Forrest, Stars (Astronomy Series), 1990 … [Read more...]

Moon (Astronomy Series), 1990

Brian Forrest, Moon (Astronomy Series), 1990 … [Read more...]


Impressions upon taking leave of  Balenciaga in Spain, at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, March 26-July 4, 2011. This major exhibition traces the deep influence of the Spanish masters—from Zubarán, Velázquez, and Goya to Picasso and Miró—on the protean Balenciaga's designs. It also investigates the legacy of his native Spain''s religious dress and ceremony, it's lavish royal court, the tradition of flamenco dance, the drama of the bullfight, and the distinctive costumes of the country's diverse regions. As one emerged from the show it was difficult not to want to participate in the romance of the culture and let the influence of this exceptional designer take hold.       … [Read more...]

Sun (Astronomy Series), 1990

Brian Forrest, Sun (Astronomy Series), 1990 … [Read more...]

The Loupe_Woodside, NY

Kristina Fetkovich, Greetings from Woodside NY — Summer was a BLAST! I can't believe it’s really over. I had so many fun adventures right here in Queens, like frolicking amongst the wildlife in Flushing Meadow Park. We traveled outside the borough too, spending long weekends on the longest of islands for fireworks and libations, and taking never-ending drives into the far reaches of central New York State. My sunburns are a distant memory now, but the photos will last a lifetime, so long as I back up my hard-drive! Hope to see you all at Christmas! Luv, kfetko. … [Read more...]

The Loupe_Girl, Iceland

Jen Fong, Girl, Iceland, 2001 … [Read more...]

The Loupe_Glass of Water, 1983

Brian Forrest, Glass of Water, 1983   … [Read more...]