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OutTake – Stephen Reichard

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OutTake- Blonde Youth

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OutTake – Molly Rhodes

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OutTake – Ken Cohen

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Transamerica Building, San Francisco, CA

My husband and I were scouting out new digs in the bay area. I wanted to explore the Jackson Square area of San Francisco for the historic resonance, the proximity to the bay, the weather and there was a market within walking distance! We found an amazing residence quite out of the price range we were entertaining, but this was the view when you walked out onto the street. Spectacular. I love the Transamerica Building. It is old and new at the same time. It harkens back to Egyptian pyramids, the eye of Odin and forwards to space travel. It has great aspirations, and a clarity. Every time we drive into the city it is the first building I look for...then I know we have arrived. I am sure I am not alone in that behavior. … [Read more...]


Paul Cabanis 2008   … [Read more...]

Everywoman for Obama Rally, Pauley Pavillion, UCLA

IPhone Photography - October 2008 … [Read more...]

Martin Puryear Installation SFMOMA

I was in San Francisco in October 2008 visiting SFMOMA where I was astounded by the Brought to Light, Photography and the Invisible, 1840-1900. It was an exhibiton that highlighted early photographic work exploring micro and telescopic investigation. Delicious. When I emerged I was a witness to the installation process of Martin Puryear's Ad Astra (2007), a 63-foot-tall work that rises to the museum's fifth-floor bridge. I hope these photographs give you a good sense of the shear scale. This is SFMOMA's Haas Atrium and the crane that you see extends 2 floors. The title derives from: Ad astra per ardua, meaning “to the stars through difficulty,” and Ad astra per aspera, which translates as “to the stars through rough things or dangers.” … [Read more...]

The Famous, The Infamous and The Anonymous

The Famous, The Infamous and The Anonymous is a 2 hour Power Point presentation on the history of portraiture in photography. Although Power Point is the vehicle for presentation, the actual program was composed using flash and then embedded. Cantwell Studio was the producer of the project. The presentation features sound, film clips, animation and uses both Macromedia and Power Point navigation systems. This lecture has been presented in Santa Fe,  New York, Frankfurt, and Munich. In 2006 it was presented London, Lausanne and San Francisco. A smaller version is being prepared to use to solicit funds for a traveling museum exhibition. The co-curators are Lorraine Anne Davis, Santa Fe and Celina Lunsford of Frankfurt. Nancy Cantwell is the … [Read more...]