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An Interview with Eric Lunde – Part One: Assaults on Culture

Eric Lunde: 33 Years of Assault & Chaos – A three part serial conversation with TQ’s Aram Yardumian and Wisconsinite Eric Lunde.  We talk about nonlinear dynamics, noise systems, auto racing, and the roots of the Industrial scene in America. We do not talk about Ed Gein. Introduction and Serial Three-Part Interview Prolegomenon, Part Two: The 80s, Part Three: The Aesthetics of the Crash The following conversation with Eric Lunde took place via email in June of 2015. Aram Yardumian: Tell me about your time as a film student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee I believe you were running experiments in re-recording video through multiple generations to see what emerged from the information loss. In fact, I think I remember … [Read more...]

An Interview with Eric Lunde – Prolegomenon

Eric Lunde: 33 Years of Assault & Chaos – A four part serial conversation with TQ’s Aram Yardumian and Wisconsinite Eric Lunde.  We talk about nonlinear dynamics, noise systems, auto racing, and the roots of the Industrial scene in America. We do not talk about Ed Gein. Serial Three-Part Interview Part One: Assaults on Culture, Part Two: The 80's, Part Three: The Aesthetics of the Crash Aesthetic violence and assaults on culture have a long, deep-reaching history among both tyrants and the alienated. Destruction of iconography and memory, depictions of suffering, and staged assaults on institutions and values with intent to expose, displace, and destroy them. It is possible to argue that violent practice is counterproductive, … [Read more...]

The Archaeology of Delusion

The Unknown Known (2014), Written and Directed by Errol Morris — Suppose I replace Moore's ‘I know’ with ‘I am of the unshakeable conviction’? -- Wittgenstein, On Certainty §86 Twenty-five hundred years of thinking about it and we are hardly closer to a definition of knowledge. We can't even decide whether it should be a noun or a verb, metaphysical or metabolic, particulate or discursive. But at least we know this: the worst thing you can do, maybe ever, is confuse knowing with believing, with certainty. According to Socrates, and Plato on Socrates via Vlastos, knowledge is something which, and only which, survives repeated testing in the process of elenctic inquiry. Me using you as a whetstone. True beliefs and certainties, in … [Read more...]

Pete and Royce Resurface

Suffering of Tomorrow and Days of Destruction, [Musicbazz, 2012, 2013] — The 1970s were painful years for Athenians. Seven years of military dictatorship, beginning in 1967, brought uncertainty into the homes of all who had fought for three decades against the deep political division whose roots grew in the soil of Axis occupation and the Greek Resistance. It was a bitter time of cultural suppression and appeals to patriotism, rural simplicity, and secret torture clearinghouses. These kinds of parochial and inward looking cultural values have been argued as the doctrinaire stance of a prime minister with rural roots, a form of reactionary traditionalism, or an antidote to the Truman Doctrine and its kudzu vine of … [Read more...]

¡ Revolution Zendebad !

The Persio-American Romance and Its Discontents — The suspicious and sometimes shameful gazes which Iran and America have lately been exchanging across the negotiation table are not always staged. Nor are they needlessly pragmatic. They are links in a very long chain of speech that began early in America’s history and very late in Persia’s [1], and continue today at secret seaside meetings in Muscat, in the trees inhabited by chattering neo-con jungle fowl, and, best of all, in that poetic Morse code we call the formalities of the state. It is difficult to say who more badly needs to hold the grudge, those who profit from sanctions or those who profit from circumventing them. And while it’s too soon tell who will be in worse company, … [Read more...]

Six Years with God: The Trials and Legacy of the Source Family

The Source Family by Maria Demopoulos and Jodi Wille. 2013. Drag City Film Distribution. The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wha 13 and The Source Family by Isis & Electricity Aquarian. 2007. Process Media. ISBN 0976082293 — Everyone remembers the high-vibration rainbow salad sprinkled with kindness and brewer’s yeast, served to John Lennon or Warren Beatty sitting on paisley throw pillows, by flaxen-haired girls too young to remember a time before birth control pills. Or Woody Allen ordering a plate of mashed yeast in Annie Hall. Or the 4AM chanting sessions in the room out back, led by giant bearded man in the blinding white robe who spoke with the voice of God in the eternal now. 1970. While many in the … [Read more...]


John Zorn's Complete String Quartets Lincoln Center, July 20, 2013 — Program and Performers: Necronomicon — JACK Quartet The Dead Man — JACK Quartet Cat O'Nine Tails — JACK Quartet Mememto Mori — Alchemy Quartet The Alchemist — Alchemy Quartet Kol Nidre — JACK Quartet, Alchemy Quartet, and Brooklyn Rider If like me you spent July of 1990 listening to Naked City on crummy headphones [1], alone on the floor of your room, wondering how anyone could create something at once so flailing mad and anally precise, then like me you may not have predicted finding yourself twenty-four years later purchasing tickets, dressing up, and taking a date to Lincoln Center to watch a performance of string quartets composed by the same John … [Read more...]


An Interview with Electronic Musician Ian Boddy — By accounts, Ian Boddy’s entrée into sound art was spontaneous. While reading biochemistry at Newcastle University in the late 1970s he walked into the Spectro Arts Workshop’s electronic sound studio and, in one sense, never walked back out. These were the years of the Berlin School, when Tangerine Dream, Manuel Göttsching, Klaus Schulze and others were building long, innovative synth structures on the Krautrock floorplan, and when such things could actually be heard on late night BBC Radio and the Saturday afternoon Alan Freeman Show. So much seemed possible in those years. The analog synth was a gateway into a new universe of expression, especially for those, like Boddy, without … [Read more...]

A Well of Conspiracy

The Tall Assassin, A Discussion with Author and Former SAPF Alan Elsdon   — The Year is 1942, Republic of South Africa. The Emergency Regulations Act, designed by General Smuts to curb pro-Nazi activities, had begun to bite at the ankles of the Ossewabrandwag membership list. The rounding up of Afrikaners and Nazi Auslanders into prison camps may have averted a civil war, but it also brought together many of the day's anti-democratic minds, and there they talked and fomented South Africa's future. At one such camp, Koffiefontein, there were interred together two men who would go on to shape the history of the country as few others would, one on the political stage and the other behind the scenes. The former, John Vorster, is well known. … [Read more...]

Internal Scripts

Thomas Mera Gartz’s Luftsånger / Cloudsongs — 'Ett moraliskt innehåll kan finnas i en form' — Åke Hodell On April 30th of last year, Swedish drummer Thomas Mera Gartz died at the age of 67. His work with the legendary shamanistic-psychedelic bands International Harvester, Mecki Mark Men, Pärson Sound, and Träd, Gräs och Stenar was mostly live in concert, seldom recorded, so his reputation lives on mostly among those who toured rock festivals in Scandinavia in the late 1960s. In the aftermath of those years of underground artistic insurgency, during which all manner of new artistic freedoms were defined in Sweden, he recorded an acid-folk album of his own songs, and then a decade later released an understated and little-known LP … [Read more...]