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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Guy Zimmerman

At a time when progressives are afflicted with incrementalist ideas and a sense of retreat and resignation, I wrote these essays to promote the idea of radical transformation. By grounding this work in the personal, I wanted my own limitations, biases and presuppositions to be as clear as possible. What links these essays is the idea that the normal operations of the self are inadequate to the vivid complexity of experience, and entail suffering for all involved. Engaging with the work of artists, theatre-makers, film directors, writers, musicians and philosophers, I make the case that and that the social world urgently needs to be re-made. In my view, the artists and thinkers I write about — Marcel Duchamp, Samuel Beckett, Steve Earle, Wallace Shawn, Cormac McCarthy, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Paul McCarthy, Rene Girard, the Wooster Group, Sylvan Tomkins, Simone Weil, Roberto Unger and Isabelle Stengers —have all been making valuable contributions to this project, operating in a semi-dark lit up only occasionally by intuitions and fugitive modes of knowing. It is to them that I dedicate this work. — Guy Zimmerman 

To have worked with Guy over these last 10 years and to have formed a friendship of incalculable value has been an honor. As a writer, playwright and director of both theater and film, Guy brings together concepts, feeling and insights that cross-pollinate the political, social and personal. It it his integration of ideas from a 20 year daily non-Western meditation practice that gives a unique resonance to his essays. There is also the courage to call out the injustices and entitlements of our accelerating political alt conservative arena, worldwide. All combine to become what I have hoped the Times Quotidian has embodied. —  Nancy Cantwell 



Along the Stream, Doing Nothing

Of fascination and its opposite 

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Lean On Me

Hybrid-dharma and the Issue of Ownership —

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Gob Squad and the Slow Vogue

Gob Squad, Creation (Pictures for Dorian), REDCAT, October 19, 2018 

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