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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Lorraine Anne Davis

Robert StiversHead with Open Mouth, 1995

Lorraine and I met in a small town outside of Florence, Italy while attending a yoga seminar with Dona Holleman. Since, we’ve hiked the Alps, Spa’d in Gstaad, swam the Limmat in Zurich, rang church tower bells in Boston, walked Canyon Road Farolito Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, attended Manon at the Royal Opera House in London, killed it NYC with Renee Fleming and Andre Previn at Carnegie Hall, touched down in Texas and burned the museum floors – hundreds of times in countless in cities. Lorraine is more than an expert in the field of photography she is a master whose comprehensive lecture series on the history of portraiture in photography, “The Famous, The Infamous and the Anonymous“, I had the privilege of strategizing, art directing and animating.  

What longing does a portrait answer?    

The recording of likenesses has been integral to the preservation of mankind’s short history on earth. Great men and women have found their faces etched onto money, chiseled into marble, poured in bronze, and applied to canvas. However, since the advent of photography, portraiture has become democratic, doing away with a class system that separated those who could afford to have their portraits done, from those who have long faded into a faceless past.” – Lorraine Anne Davis


Interior Insomniac

American Motel by Eric Cousineau —

Sleepless Everywhere
“They have worries, they’re counting the miles, they’re thinking about where to sleep tonight, how much money for gas, the weather, how they’ll get there–and all the time they’ll get there anyway, you see.” — Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Part 3, Ch.


Couch, Room 11, 2006


The Specious Present

The Photography of Alison Rosstier –

Time is deceptive. It is always hiding something. The present is so fleeting that only the past and future may be comprehended. The nano-second of immediate event perception, the “specious present” is understood only in reflection. Every moment of consciousness is spent processing what has just past while constantly anticipating the future. The brain must contextualize each thought to make sense of the world, time-traveling relentlessly in an information-saturated world that threatens to overwhelm  the ceaseless internal dialogue that defines us to ourselves.

Barnet Bar-Gas, exact expiration date unknown,  c. 1920’s, processed 2007


Solar Glyphs

Chris McCaw’s Sunburn Series –

Sunburned GSP#317 (Pacific Ocean), 2009



Jean-Pascal Imsand: Photographer, Swiss, (1960-1994) –

Flatiron, New York, 1992


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