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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Tom Wudl

Pure Adornments of the Essential Nature of the Cosmos of Reality 2016

For close to 43 years I have been witness to Tom Wudl’s many explorations into the field of painting. And for the last ten years I have watched his explorations into the Avatamasaka Sutra elaborate, intensify, and proliferate into a magnificent body of work. But not only has this investigation produced paintings of intense concentration and beauty it has also led to a life of generosity and heartfelt action. It has been a privilege and a great deal of fun to to be a part of the process – and to be able to say that, without hesitation – the work speaks volumes.


There was a time when the world was small and man knew his place in it….Today, space is expanding beyond the reaches of the imagination….we inhabit immensities and infinities that also inhabit us. I have attempted to make visible to the eye with brush and paint that which is still sacred to us and which by other minds and methods has been reconciled, encoded and stored in numbers and equations. —Tom Wudl


Immensities and Infinities

Further Specimens from the Flowerbank World,
Tom Wudl, L.A. Louver Gallery —

Study for Cloud Blossom (eye), 2010


Art and Practice with the Heart Sutra

Toward Re-organization —

Blossom of Inexhaustible Kindness, 2013


Thoughts Regarding Alice Neel

Alice Neel: Paintings, LA Louver Gallery, Venice, California —

Alice Neel: Richard Gibbs 1968


Tom Wudl, LA Louver, November 2009

Specimens from the Flowerbank World —

Liberation, 2009



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