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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Brian Forrest

Brian Forrest, Decker Canyon #5, 2010 

A Radical Arcadia –
“There have always been two kinds of arcadia: shaggy and smooth; dark and light; a place of bucolic leisure and a place of primitive panic”, Simon Schama tells us in Landscape and Memory, one arcadia being “a dark grove of desire, but also a labyrinth of madness and death”. He further describes certain arcadias as purposefully and importantly untamed: “turf, gorse, heather, and timber, trees, shrubs and brushwood” of the heaths outside of 19th century London were a cherished gift to the city dwellers—landscapes of urban imagination that answered certain needs for wildness, even unruliness. In much the same way, one might perceive the unkempt oak filled, scrubby canyons in the vicinity of Los Angeles as critical counterpoint to overdevelopment, neat watered lawns, and perfect patches of park.
Constance Mallinson, Inside the Artist’s Studio: Brian Forrest

Editors Note: A great deal of thanks to Constance Mallinson for her introduction on the work of Brian Forrest. Brian chooses few words to speak to the focus and depth of his vision, ranging from simple astronomical observation to the complexity of nature’s influence. His photographs alone say volumes.



Uneasy Landscapes – Part 3 

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Masquetuck 2, 2013


Little Scenes 7&8

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Little Scenes, Circa 1978, Diana Camera Contact Prints


Desert Series Selection_2

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Badwater Path, 1994


Sun (Astronomy Series), 1990

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Sun, (Astronomy Series), 1990


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