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Anthology: Ten Years of TQ – Aram Yardumian

For nearly a decade, Times Quotidian has given me the chance to address specifics with a freedom I don’t quite have in professional life. It’s difficult to see a thread running through my articles, but behind it all I am still staring into the same materialist abyss reconnoitered by Sade, Darwin, Genet, and Bergman— none of whom I ever directly wrote about, but whose shadows fall over the anthropology of cruelty and suffering, zoological ambivalence, Lacanian superego, social dissolution mirrored in aesthetics, and a more real Real. Errol Morris’s epistemological interrogations, Michael Gira’s overwhelming sense of physical ecstasy, Thomas Mera Gartz’s post-music fantasia, a non-Marxist sociology of Lascaux and Chauvet, Tommie Haglund’s inner journeys inscribed as perfect art. Eric Lunde’s Industrial winter. A film about JonBenet that wasn’t about JonBenet at all. And yes, there were a few miscellaneous grasps at passing interests, tangential but never artistically irrelevant. Robbie Basho, Vittorio Gelmetti, Mustapha Skandrani. Bruce Licher’s fabulous post-punk designs and experiments. All very male, when now looking back. But these diversions have over the years put me in touch with a great group of people, sound-artists, collectors of esoterica, mail from traditional musicians, weekends with a lovely lady from Astoria, and even a humorous exchange with a second-rate Harold Pinter currently collecting sycophants in Scandinavia.

Aram Yardumian

Editors Note: Aram Yardumian had been contributing to TQ for some time, but it was’t until the occasion of the Alan Hovhaness’ centenary, when Patrick Scott, Artistic Director of Jacaranda, wanted to include another great Armenian American composer Richard Yardumian (1917-1985), that Aram and I actually broke bread. Patrick contacted me after much Googling, and efforts just short of the Library of Congress, to ask for an introduction to Aram Yardumian, whose musical musings, insights and historical research could be found regularly on TQ. The results can be found in Armenian Suite a post I had the pleasure of composing after the Jacaranda event. Aram’s insights and travels within the musical arena are are not an accident, but a continuing affinity for music both learned and intrinsic to his being. May you, the reader, experience the explorations with as much admiration as myself.



‘But still I was ordered to believe, even where the ideas did not correspond with, even when they contradicted, the rational theories established by mathematics and my own eyes’
– Augustine, Confessions 5:3 [6]

‘For secret assassination the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated’
A Study of Assassination, a CIA Manual

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An Interview with Bruce Licher – Prolegomenon

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