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Heavenly Bodies

Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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There’s a plague of sexual abuse being brought to light, again. Kirby Dick explored just one of these tragedies in his film of 2004, Twist of Faith. “A man confronts the trauma of past sexual abuse as a boy by a Catholic priest only to find his decision shatters his relationships with his family, community and faith.” The cover up to these latest investigations is a perversity of ethos. Pope Francis, has now been exposed to having prior knowledge and his inactions are being brought to light not just in Pennsylvania and Ireland, but the world is watching him squirm and try to tap dance his way out by changing the subject.

So how is it possible that this year was designated by the Vogue Met Gala and The Metropolitan Museum to flaunt their combined admiration for the Fashion of Catholicism? This has been the most attended show, myself included, that the Met’s Costume Institute has ever produced. Over a million viewers and counting as the show continues onto October 8th, 2018. The lure of ecclesiastical vestments and designer interpretations of religious outerwear seems an indomitable combination.

Below, and to be continued, are my own takes on what I witnessed and reveled in. But truly now there is a larger issue at hand besides “Heavenly Bodies”.

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  1. Richard Davis says:

    All may be true of Pope Francis, but clearly Archbishop Viganò has an axe to grind. More verification is needed. Besides, Viganò claims Francis lifted sanctions applied by Pope Benedict. Why would Francis do that?

  2. I’m with Richard on this one. This story, which is not new, comes right on the heels of Pope Francis’ reassertion that the Catholic Church opposes the death penalty, an announcement that has made conservative Catholics in the U.S. livid. Clergy sex abuse is a travesty–but this campaign by the Catholic right wing against this pope is deeply hypocritical and obviously political, not moral. The accusing prelates have been around through ALL these scandals and done nothing.

    Nice cape, wonder what’s underneath it.

  3. Nancy Cantwell says:

    Here are two links to both Pope Francis’s significant condemnation of the death penalty and “The Man Who Took On Pope Francis: The Story Behind the Viganò Letter”.


    Here is Pope Francis’s summons World’s Bishops to Meet on Sexual Abuse.
    All available to read in Spanish.

    And below a followup to the aftermath of the abuse reveal not just in the U.S. as well as the wide spread cover ups in Germany, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, France, and Chile.


  4. Edward Landler says:

    Will Pope Francis truly act in the spirit of Saint Francis and embrace the leper that is the Church and cleanse it of the sins accrued over its entire institutional existence?

  5. The Met’s ‘Heavenly Bodies’ Is the Most Popular Show in the Museum’s History, Drawing 1.7 Million Visitors
    The Catholic fashion exhibition smashed a 40-year-old record previously held by King Tut.


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