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An Interview with Bruce Licher – A Graphics Composition

Introduction and Three Part Conversation with
TQ’s Aram Yardumian and Graphic Artist-Musician Bruce Licher —  

Prolegomenon, Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Generously shared, below are selections from Bruce Licher’s personal archives of his graphic design and letterpress art.



Flyer for the event at the Los Angeles Museum of Art for the performance on November 8th, 1980, featuring Bridge, Neef, Arrow Book Club (Urinals-related experimental rock combo), films by John Talley-Jones, Brent Wilcox and Bruce Licher, along with metal performance


Front cover of a fictitious NEEF LP created by Bruce Licher in a silkscreen printing class at UCLA


Slash magazine review of Project 197, along with an ad layout created for the release


Savage Republic First Commemorative Stamp sheet announcement card


Sheet of 40 stamps: Savage Republic First Commemorative Stamp


Letterpress printed postcard announcing a Savage Republic performance at the Anticlub with 100 Flowers, Minutemen and Pell Mell 28th January 1983 

SR + Psi Com gig card_500

Letterpress printed postcard announcing two Savage Republic performances in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, with Psi-Com (Perry Farrell’s pre-Janes Addiction band), The Fontanelles and Camper Van Beethoven


Letterpress printed ticket for Savage Republic gig opening for Public Image, Ltd. at Pasadena Convention Center, November 7th 1982


Front & back sides of the letterpress-printed post card announcement for 2008 exhibit of work by Bruce Licher at Dangerous Curve Gallery in downtown Los Angeles


Opening reception of the 2008 exhibit of work by Bruce Licher at Dangerous Curve Gallery in downtown Los Angeles — Photo: Jeri Heiden


Limited edition letterpress-printed fine art print of the Nate Starkman & Son Building by Bruce Licher, from a photo by the artist, signed and numbered edition of 37 copies, circa 1992


Flyer for a showing of the short film titled “Bridge”, shot entirely in the underground utility tunnels at UCLA in early 1980


Letterpress-printed cover for the 10th Anniversary Mailorder Catalog, circa 1990, in the days before the internet, when it was all done with paper and stamps

SR 1st Comm stamp proofs_500

Signed proof card of the two printing plates for the 1983 First Commemorative Stamp Issue for Savage Republic


Address side of the postcard announcing the First Commemorative Stamp issue for Savage Republic, with the 2nd Provisional Savage Republic overprinted US precanceled postage stamp used to pay the postage.  1000 cards printed in May 1983


2-color letterpress printed post card advertising two Savage Republic performances during September of 1982


Postcard announcing the upcoming LP release by Africa Corps

ProlegomenonPart OnePart TwoPart Three






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