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Paths and Proximities, Photography by Robert A. Kato —

In my conversations with Robert Kato he states his intention is to frame these photographs as not of paths, but of things in their proximity, things that had compelled his attention when he wasn’t predisposed to look for anything in particular. These photographs speak to the individuality of each passage. Robert’s journey is not about destination but about staying with the moment, a mindfulness practice: impressions, bifurcations, mist, frost, a bush, a history in prints, scratches within scratches, scarification by repeated footsteps, cool colors, green, pale blue, grays and browns, deterioration, the passage of time.

“There is no difference between Time and the three dimensions of Space except that our consciousness moves along it.” H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

Travelers see places; places see travelers. Kato walks a lot and when he does, traversing with camera in hand, we feel him playfully probing his intuition. His work is distilled and yet, not unlike the trails he explores, in a constant state of becoming where every proximity leads to something else, like a branching, visual thesaurus.

“Time is but the stream I go fishing in.” Henry David Thoreau

His heartfelt observations and patient discipline guide him where others such as Gide, Emerson and Siddhartha before have followed, a way that plays differently each time, for though the same path, each story of the path is unique and finding the quality of that particular uniqueness is perhaps, the ultimate search.

As he feels his way, Robert is un-predisposing himself in an intentional mental detour. These photographs tell the story, winding, curving, following, probing and flowing around obstacles towards the next surprise. Perhaps, as Buddha says, we are our paths.

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  1. Steve Johnsen says:

    Exquisite pictures! Thanks for your sharing your wonderful vision.

  2. James Nabwangu says:

    Dear Robert,

    I love your work! It surely transcends the mundane and it is helping me photograph “what I can’t see”

    Jim Nabwangu.

  3. Barbara Collins says:

    A wonderful visual essay on why the “ordinary” isn’t. These images are like a series of fairy tales.

  4. Viewing these images draws me into a wonderfully quiet meditative place. Thank you.

  5. Doniece Sandoval says:

    Utterly beautiful and sublime. A gift of peace and transcendence. Thank you, Robert!

  6. Beautiful work, a true artist!

  7. Fantastic work! I want to see what is just around the corner and get lost in the surroundings!

  8. Linda Fitch says:

    Moments of tranquility and beauty. Wonderful as your work always is.

  9. Susan Neville says:

    Sublime and very enticing! They draw me in.

  10. Very nice!

  11. What a wonderful sense of intuition, vision and emotion.

  12. I love path photos

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