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Talking in L.A.


Talking in L.A. is a series of images captured in Bronson Canyon in Los Angeles.  The canyons are the rare destinations in L.A. where people enjoy walking and chatting, either with a friend or with strangers met on the path, as occurs in Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London.  Much like connectedness in L.A.’s one-person-per-car-culture, the social vibrance of canyon hiking culture is not apparent in these images.

As I am photographing the gold and green natural beauty that lies only minutes from urban streets, hikers pass behind me, asking about my camera or my lens, what I’m seeing, but, more often, engrossed in their own conversations; taking advantage of the opportunity for intimate face to face conversation with friends.  The images are subtitled with phrases that I overhear while shooting. — Nancy Baron



  1. Jim VanKirk says:

    Interesting similarity of depth of field,
    very canyonesque. 😉

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