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Now It’s A Church

Rather than searching for exotic subjects in distant locations, I observe and document the uncharted subcultures of “next door.” I aim to capture the majesty of the unexpected, often plain, center of the universe in which like-minded people find a place to belong.

I’ve always been intrigued by handcrafted churches that were once stores or homes. A closer look at these places of worship in Los Angeles and Chicago reveals details often missed as they are passed on urban streets. Choices of colors, and/or words, meant to draw the seeker, are thought out and executed with various styles and degree of skill.

These churches are often neighbored by empty lots, previously occupied by owners not blessed with the same tax-exempt status that enables the pillar of faith to stand.  Like faith can sometimes be, these sanctuaries are often transient…here one day, gone the next.  But, in their glory, they provide comfort and shelter; the same as can be found in any grand religious structure — Nancy Baron

Please click to enlarge and for artwork details.

© Nancy Baron


  1. Dawn Castro says:

    Love this! Great photo subject and reuse of properties!

  2. What wonderful work. Thank you for these images.

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