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Archives for September 2010

Ecce Heston

How to Survive Our Own Success – In Santa Fe dramatic thunderstorms are common late on summer days. Afterwards the massive banks of purple clouds will often part, allowing shafts of intense sunlight to angle down, creating sometimes vivid rainbows. At a house near downtown last summer I saw a rainbow like this, clear as a Technicolor dream. I was with a group of young scientists and I watched as their wonder shifted into analytical mode – here is an example of water molecules interacting with rays of refracted light – and then back again toward a more embodied appreciation. The sequence reminded me of the Buddhist saying in which a mountain becomes, for the meditator, something very different …and then, at a later stage, returns … [Read more...]

Summer Night, Driftwood Crystals

Top Left: Beaumontia Grandiflora with Mexican Latern Top Right: Driftwood Crystals Bottom Left: Stag Horn Fern, Platycerium Bottom Right: Grape Lights Entwine with Wisteria © Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

Summer Night, Hindu Rope

Top Left: Hoya Copacta or Hindu Rope, Verigated       Top Right: Stag Horn Fern, Platycerium Bottom Left: Stag Horn Fern, Platycerium                     Bottom Right: Begonia Bloom with Palm Leaf © Nancy Cantwell … [Read more...]

Musica Futurista, The Art of Noises

Italian Electronic Music Pioneers: an overview – The Second World War stands, for many, as the watershed cultural event of the 20th century. Prior to the War, electronic sound reproduction methods were limited primarily to phonographs, photoelectric cells, and rudimentary paper tape recorders. While the early proponents of electronic music on both sides of the Atlantic (Brown, Cage, Feldman, Tudor, et al in America; Henry, Schaeffer, Stockhausen, et al on the Continent), were at this time already laying the groundwork for their experiments and masterpieces, it was the horrors of the War and the dissatisfaction with pre-War culture which ushered in the age of Postmodern music, and advances in both magnetic tape machines and … [Read more...]

Citizens Koch

The Face Outside the Window –  It’s hard to know what to say about Charles Koch after reading Jane Mayer’s astonishing expose in the August 30th issue of The New Yorker. American politics have been running hot for decades; finally we can name the source of the fever. Together with his brother David, Charles Koch owns Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the US; only Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are thought to be wealthier. In a remarkably narcissistic and anti-democratic act, the Koch boys long ago anointed themselves the heroic duo who would “rip government out by the roots.” In the grip of this wayward intention, they have, for the past four decades, pumped billions of dollars worth of high-grade hatred into the … [Read more...]