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Remains of the Day

Astroboy Unbound 
Photography by Naomi Pitcairn –

The photographs of Naomi Pitcairn’s Empty Nest series remind us that deconstruction is immanent. That inherent in all possibility is also the inevitable demise. These packages, once disembodied, cease to hold it together.

Take Astroboy. He is first seen forward facing, standing at attention, full of potential. But when next spotted he has become Icarus, back now turned away, heading towards his destiny. How quickly promise can turn into ambitious defeat. Fated, singed by aspiration he floats away untethered on his space walk into the sunset.

Initially designed to preserve and protect, a few of these leftovers possess a built in means to inflict injury. Child endangerment is a congenital condition for some. And other remains just clearly communicate what’s gone missing. In this world of discards there are Power outages, Happy Little Homes have been vacated and Foil Families are broken apart. Even rainbows can come to a crushing end. Creased and pressed like a Chamberlain sculpture these containers that once held a “somewhere over” commodity now reflect upon a slightly more compact finish. — Nancy Cantwell

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All photographs, 15″x15″, Ink Jet prints on Hahnemule fine art paper, 2008-2009

© Naomi Pitcairn


  1. Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman says:

    For Naomi Pitcairn — Such beautiful work, Naomi!! But have to admit that I looked you up because of your incredible action on behalf of Bradley Manning. Thank you to you and all who supported you and Bradley!! And thank you even more for having the additional courage to walk out of that breakfast. I’m a strong supporter of Bradley Manning, transparency, justice and peace here in Toronto – since last June. We’ve got our 4th rally for Bradley at the US Consulate next Sunday and more to come before a major blowout June 4th to coincide with the action at Levenworth. Our group is small but growing and sharing the message. Free Bradley and Blowing the whistle on a war crime is not a crime!! If you have time, please send me an email or join our FB group at “Toronto Believes in Bradley Manning and Peace”. Bradley is a hero and needs heros to help him now. Thanks for being one! Peace, Charlotte

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