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Archives for March 2009

OutTake – All Together

"OutTake" is a series of work originally shot in 1984 and re-photographed in 2008. These new photographs, taken of Polaroid lighting tests from the original sessions, are intended to be seen as a strip and have been posted on TQ in sequence starting from right to left. The aging Polaroid gel remnant gives each "new" print a particular frame and focus. OutTake identities have a matter-of-fact quality. They lack the, "psychological insight" to which the original, formal, silver prints had aspired. The unique identiy of the sitter has been supplanted by the unique identity of the print. Released from their original agenda, these new portraits become free to take their place alongside "no one".            Click on the Photo to Enlarge. "Now … [Read more...]

OutTake – Shinzen Young

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OutTake – Edith Morgan

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OutTake – Stephen Reichard

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OutTake- Blonde Youth

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OutTake – Molly Rhodes

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OutTake – Ken Cohen

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Pleasure’s Exhortation

If you have never experienced Cecilia Bartoli live then you may have missed the whole drama. There is such an infectious exuberance in her performances. She is manifestly compelling. I have been looking for a video that does her justice, but as much as I may enjoy the looking, the listening pales. So let me offer you this,  Pleasure's Aria from Handel's Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno (The Triumph of Time and Enlightenment). Opera Proibita, Cecilia Bartoli, les Musiciens de Louvre — Grenoble, Marc Minkowski. 2005 Decca Music Group This 18th century allegorical oratorio, libretto by Benedetto Pamphilj, in which Time and Enlightenment gradually persuade Beauty to relinquish her attraction to the transitory joys of … [Read more...]

Paris, RTW, Fall 2009

Lavin offers up the best of black for Fall 2009. Waists are wasp thin and the cloth, cut on the bias, creates relaxed pleats that spill over hips. I love Alber Elbaz's comment of being a designer "realist", of using "technique that is easier and more relevant". An economy of means, succinctly said and deftly accomplished. Truly appropriate for the times ahead. Now, the largess of the necklace really works to set off the clothes and add glamour vs. at the Marni collection where they just felt immoderate. This Dries Van Noten show is dreamy. The hunter green coat over the red skirt with those sunglasses elicits such an emotional response from me. A look that harkens back to my mother's era perhaps. Reminiscent of the first blush … [Read more...]

Six Martinis

The blogosphere is a wonderful thing. I found Sixmartinis and the Seventh Art in my search for a decent picture of the Peter Maloney 4th Street Draw Bridge in San Francisco. Here is her blog's raison de être — "What is the Significance of SIXMARTINIS? in the movie THE BIG KNIFE, Shelley Winters holds all the secrets- and she's been drinking. Jack Palance is worried that she'll find her voice with her sixth martini. This is my voice." Having not found the photographs I want, I am now inspired to return to S.F. and wait for the bridge to open so I can photograph that counterweight in action. Meanwhile, via Sixmartinis, I can catch up with some old films like, Schatten - Eine nachtliche Halluzination (1923), aka Warning Shadows, directed … [Read more...]

Luther, A Tribute

  LUTHER   Other names: Luther, THE dog "BGM" (Big Giant Monster) Lothar the Magnificent Fartmeister Pooch de la booch, de la hootch, de la cootch Cur Big Bezungenungen You loved being petted on the stomach and butt, going for walks in Griffith Park, and riding in the car. You loved men, especially Kirby and Joey, and almost all workingmen. Your walks around the block resembled stations of the cross, with you pausing to savor and seeming to pray at a discreet and unvarying selection of gates, posts, trees and stairwells. Occasionally you would find a fig leaf--a favorite forage--or fresh tender spring grass. Your ferocious yet sad appearance brought smiles to many strangers, and you loved … [Read more...]


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Matthias Goerne Interview – Playlist

  We are very lucky here is Los Angeles to have as an evening radio host Jim Svejda. His impeccable taste, intelligent musings and incredible depth of knowledge of classical music and film make his weekly show the Record Shelf required listening. On January 13th, 2009 we were treated to a full four hour interview with German Baritone Matthias Goerne.   I have seen Goerne in recital on several occasions and own a fair share of his recordings. Matthias Goerne, along with Wolfgang Holzmair and Thomas Quasthoff  have emerged as today's foremost interpreters of the German baritone repertoire and art song. Many compare Goerne's lieder execution with that of his teacher, Dietrich Fischer- Dieskau, but I prefer … [Read more...]

Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In [Låt den rätte komma in] It is the cold deep winter of northern Sweden. Snow falls upon the well-kept, charmless suburb of Blackeberg.  An old man is covering the windows of his apartment with a patchwork of corrugated cardboard, some of it with chunks of advertising left on. Inside, he readies a set of very used equipment for a grisly mission, to provide fresh human blood for the young vampire who is his "daughter".  In the same building lives a young boy and his mother. The child is 12-year-old Oskar, (Kåre Hedebrant) a gentle, introverted, and highly intelligent boy, with flaxen hair and an angelic face. At school, he is the perfect mark for a group of bullies who taunt and humiliate him. Later, in the courtyard … [Read more...]

Milan, Ready to Wear, Fall 2009

I spent some time really looking at last weeks fashion shows in Milan. I usually just flip through the first couple of outfits and move along as most of the time, well I just get over it quickly. But now that I have this platform from which to speak, I decided to put some backbone into it. So here you have a fashion flight. But before you dig into these clips, here are some words you just need to block out, because none of it rings true. Investment Dressing, Investment Pieces, and, the worst, Value Added. I think Hamish Bowles says it best, "Its all about creating desire in this climate".... creating the illusion of timelessness. Bottega Veneta, designer Tomas Maier, delivers a cool collection with butter leathers and easy to wear … [Read more...]

Werner Herzog, February 20, 2009, Royce Hall, UCLA — Part 3

Werner Herzog continued..."What I Learned": Part 3 OK, here comes the fun part!  Herzog shows footage from his oscar nominated Encounters at the End of the World. I feel a total disconnect between up and down. Had the explorers not been wearing wetsuits and flippers, had I not watched the bubbles of air float up, I would swear that we were looking back at earth from the moon. Are we on top of the world looking down or reveling in an enchanted abyss? Once you have oriented you realize that indeed these aquatic astronauts have entered this underworld via a 30 foot shaft drilled into the Ross Ice Shelf, Anatartica.  Back on dry ground or high ground, Herzog talks about man's ability to fly and … [Read more...]

Werner Herzog, February 20, 2009, Royce Hall, UCLA — Part 2

Werner Herzog continued..."This is what I learned": PART 2 That Werner Herzog is a lover of language and poetry. He speaks of the witnessing, the taxonomy of Virgil's Georgics, a paean to the earth and all that grows and grazes there. Herzog tells of the Icelandic Codex Regius, thought to have been written in the 1270's. How he was allowed to actually hold the delicate document, made up of 45 vellum leaves, and of its return journey to Reykjavík in 1971 accompanied  by  the full Danish military escort. He further narrates on the oral traditions of Iceland preserved and reserved for vital consolation. Women whose husbands have been lost at sea, recite all 800 verses of the Codex to purge their … [Read more...]

Werner Herzog, February 20, 2009, Royce Hall, UCLA — Part 1

Werner Herzog truly has an infinite amount of things to speak of. I wanted to speak about this lecture sooner, but in attempting to do so I found myself, like Alice, sliding down the proverbial rabbit hole, tracking sown some strange and wondrous knowledge. Here is what I learned: PART 1 That George Murphy and Fred Astraire danced and sang their hearts out in the Cole Porter "Broadway Melody of 1940". If you get a chance to see it on the big screen, do it! That Werner Herzog is a human enthusiast, a champion of the raw psyche, condensed emotionality, "Fever Dreams", and the "Ecstatic Truth". Thus being said, he is the prime candidate to direct opera. Documenting the Wodabee tribes of the Sahara provides Herzog with … [Read more...]