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The Famous, The Infamous and The Anonymous

The Famous, The Infamous and The Anonymous is a 2 hour Power Point presentation on the history of portraiture in photography. Although Power Point is the vehicle for presentation, the actual program was composed using flash and then embedded. Cantwell Studio was the producer of the project. The presentation features sound, film clips, animation and uses both Macromedia and Power Point navigation systems. This lecture has been presented in Santa Fe,  New York, Frankfurt, and Munich. In 2006 it was presented London, Lausanne and San Francisco. A smaller version is being prepared to use to solicit funds for a traveling museum exhibition. The co-curators are Lorraine Anne Davis, Santa Fe and Celina Lunsford of Frankfurt. Nancy Cantwell is the project director.

There is so much to say about this project and the history of portrait photography. As I was going through the files, I remembered that we included some my own personal family portraits taken in the 1950’s with a stereoscopic camera. Here is a teaser. To this day I prefer to sit at a counter vs a table.

Joanne and Nancy at their grandparents

Joanne and Nancy at their Grandparents sipping Shirley Temples

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